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MARCH 2, 2024


Gentle: Slower movements; little up and down from floor.

Moderate: Some active movement and challenges, but modifications offered. Appropriate for all-levels.

Active: More intense movements; up and down from floor, challenges offered, may break a sweat.

Tribal Yoga with Chandra Sosebee (Etowah Valley Yoga)

A fusion of various ways to move the body. This can come from the yoga traditions of hatha, vinyasa, and Buti. We also incorporate primal movement and Qi Gong/ Tai Chi. And we dance! So get ready to let go of inhibitions and have fun! 


Yoga Toolbox with Shannon Kennedy-Newby (The Vine Yoga)

Shannon will explore fundamental aspects of common postures and focus on basic principles of safe and intelligent movement of the body. With a focus on giving students the tools to explore a home practice, different themes will be explored, such as sun salutations, standing postures, twists, inversions, breathing techniques, and more. Modifications and unique approaches will give students tools to move safely in any yoga class or home practice. All levels welcome.

Meditative Movement + Live Music with John Reniers (YMCA) and Jeff Lidke (Berry College)

Release tension, connect body and breath, and move with the groove. Movement will be performed at a pace which allows time to be present in each pose, and will end with plenty of relaxation as well as information for building a personal mediation practice.


Beyond the Backrest: Exploring Creative Chair Yoga with Libby Gore (In the Hills Yoga)

Explore the dynamic potential of the chair in yoga beyond its traditional role in gentle practices in our workshop. Unveil its versatility as a prop, discovering innovative ways to elevate your yoga experience. From enhancing stability in standing poses, twists, and balances to deepening stretches and exploring inversions and arm balances, learn to creatively integrate the chair into your practice. Experience therapeutic benefits through restorative poses for tension release and relaxation. Suitable for all levels, this ACTIVE workshop offers insights to expand your yoga repertoire, improve alignment, and foster a renewed sense of exploration and creativity. Gain valuable techniques to enrich your personal practice or teaching methodologies.

Yin (Deep Relaxing Stretch) with Amy and Melody (Yovana Yoga)

Experience the soothing tranquility of Yin Yoga in our class, where poses are held for extended periods (1-8 minutes) to ease tension in connective tissues. Emphasizing seated or reclined postures, this gentle practice encourages deep relaxation without any standing positions, requiring just one transition from the floor. Join us to unwind, improve flexibility, and find serenity as you embrace the peaceful stillness and nurturing benefits of Yin Yoga.


Matsyengasana : The Mother of All Twists with Rutu Chaudhari (Dharma Project)

Join Rutu Chaudhari, creator of All Life is Yoga and Founder/ Executive Director of Dharma

Project for a deep dive into one of the most mystifying twists in all of yogas asana—

Matsyengasana, a.k.a the mother of all twists! The session will begin with centering and

continue with a combination of dynamic movements and long holds. We will move slowly but

intensely, working from the inside out with thoughtful sequencing that leads seamlessly to the

culminating posture. This practice cultivates strength and power by moving with intention and

exploring the nuance of alignment and actions. Get ready to experience a uniquely powerful

Twist! Accessible to All Levels.


Blindfolded Flow: Ignite Your Senses   with Tanaya Larsen (SpringStone Yoga)

mmerse yourself in a sensory-rich experience. Utilizing an optional blindfold and essential oils you will be able to intensify your focus and awareness guiding you toward a greater sense of presence and proprioception. By closing off vision, the goal is to truly connect to movement, working from the inside out. Conclude with a mindful chocolate tasting to enhance your sensory experience. This class will leave you centered, revitalized, and attuned to the rhythm of your body and breath.

Integrative Somatic Yoga with Lynne Jacobs (Integrative Somatic Yoga)
Integrative Somatic Yoga (ISY) is a gentle and unique practice that will not only help re-educate the nervous system to heal our body, but it is also a practice that moves us from feeling fractured and disconnected to coming home to our inherent nature of being whole and complete. Join Lynne to discover new pathways to healing and compassionate whole person integration.


Kundalini Yoga with Kelly Sanker (SpringStone Yoga) 

Experience the power of Kundalini Yoga, a combination of active movement, breath (pranayama), meditation, and chanting. Its goal is not only to make the body stronger and more energetic, but also to increase your level of self-awareness and consciousness.


Embracing Your Inner Goddess with Chandra Sosebee and Melissa Lerner (Etowah Valley Yoga/SpringStone Yoga)

In this class we will take a look at goddesses from traditions around the world. Then we will explore their unique characteristics and see what strengths we can draw from them on a daily basis. Using this transformative approach, we will bring it to the yoga mat for a powerful class. 


Slowing Down: Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Beth Hughes (Berry College)

Give yourself permission to rest with Yoga Nidra. Class will begin with some gentle restorative yoga stretches and finish with an extended rest with Yoga Nidra guided meditation to place you in a deeply relaxed state. Often referred to as a yogi’s deep sleep, Yoga Nidra is an awakened state hovering between sleeping and dreaming. You will leave feeling refreshed, focused and very rested. You will be laying on your back for the meditation, so a blanket or pillow for neck support is recommended (seated in a chair is also welcome). Beginner-friendly.


Sound Immersion with Kam Malone (SpringStone Yoga)

Enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Class will begin with simple relaxing stretches followed by a relaxing 30 minute sound immersion. Singing bowls, drums, and other instruments are played as you lie or sit comfortably supported by props. The sound and vibrations will wash over you in a fully immersive sound experience and guide you into a deep meditation. The goal is to help you experience an inner calm and deep relaxation.

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